SA Paulownia Investment Co. (Pty) Ltd

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S A Paulownia Investment company is  commited to the  environment and understand the dynamics of combining ecological and environmental improvements, with industrialization and profitability. We will be exploring the linkages between ecology and economics, looking to create new kind of partnerships and enterprise out of environmental protection and restoration initiatives. Pacific Tree Company’s Trademarked Paulownia trees will transforming over-cleared land and distressed grounds into habitats for birds, insects and other wildlife. The Paulownia trees assist in water tables, adding nutrients to barren grounds, absorbing air and water pollutants and helping to overcome the dangerous 'green house' effect, as well as providing beautiful timber and timber products.

Commited to fighting Global warming 

" Doing Good Whilst Generating Income "  -  S A Paulownia Invesments Company(Pty) Ltd represents all those small and hopeful candidates who always wanted to be part of a larger farming and ecological conscious familiy, that can make a difference to both the less fortunate rural communities and the ecology of our world. 

Combining good business and commercial sense together with eco-friendly and social responsible programs, can and will create the best possible future solutions to the environment as well as providing much sought after wood for continuing the lifestyle and use of high grade furniture and other items for the future.  Teaching the rural community to become self-sufficient in food productions as well as learning a number of income producing trades, will be the ultimate targets for this project.

S A Paulownia Invesments Company(Pty) Ltd has managed, arranged and co-ordinted the source of commercial trees in the form of Paulownia Megafolio, arranged community land that will provide both the labour and the much needed income producing jobs, for a number of impoverished African Countries, as well as managed and raised the neccessary capital required to plant and managed long term plantations. The company has, by negotiation, pre-sold most of the available lumber and veneer on a forward sales agreement to facilitate both consumers as well as the on-going maintenace of the project. 

S A Paulownia Invesments Company(Pty) Ltd Ltd, prides itself in providing a teaching platform for impoverished communities to become self sufficient, as well as to ensure the survival of our natural forests, by creating agro-forestation, and teaching new skills to the youth.  The project not only provides for future generations of communities, but will make provision to fund schooling, proper healthcare, and to encourage uninitiated community villages to come into the modern world without sacrificing traditions and family values.